Smart Monitoring Solutions for Intelligent Wells

Bandweaver’s versatile range of fiber optic sensing solutions provide valuable information at all points along the wellbore to help you with critical decision making and to improve the integrity and efficiency of your wells.
Bandweaver’s technology includes Distributed Temperature Sensor’s (DTS), Distributed Acoustic Sensors (DAS) and Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) solutions. Through our network of partners we are able to offer a full service solution to get access to all areas of the wellbore and reservoir and to operate in the harshest of conditions.

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Application areas include

  • Production
    • Reservoir characterization
    • Zone allocation
    • Steam breakthrough
    • Gas breakthrough
  • Well integrity
    • Sand monitoring
    • Gas lift optimization
  • Hydraulic fracturing
    • Fracturing efficiency
    • Fluid placement
    • Ball seating
  • Abandonment and Decommissioning
    • Leak detection and Location
  • Vertical seismic profiling
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intelligent wells monitoring
Feature Benefits
Permanent monitoring provides non-intrusive and intervention free production data acquisition Less intervention for wireline equals reduced risk, reduced costs and improved decision making through continous data
Full coverage at all points along the wellbore provides information on the integrity of key components Improved condition monitoring means less unplanned downtime and optimization of asset maintenance program
Continous, distributed information during hydraulic fracturing operations Real-time optimization of operations leading to lower material costs and improved production
Permanent in-well installation provides information throughout the lifetime of the well Optimize future completion design, well placement and spacing based on real well information. Understand depletion curves and take action to optimize
Inherently reliable downhole sensor array with non moving parts, immune to EM radiation and intrinsically safe Increased reliability means lower downtime and lower cost of ownership

Bandweaver operates flexibly according to the needs of our customers. On some projects we take the role of system integrator and on others we act as a supplier of components to service companies.
We understand that in the downhole environment the fiber optic is subject to extreme conditions and it is critical to understand the environment and to design the system and individual components accordingly.
We partner with a range of companies and have a wide range of different cables, in-well components and measurement services.
There are many different possible configurations to deploy the cables and we work with you to ensure that it is the appropriate configuration for your well.

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Global Leader

With more than 300 employees and facilities in 4 global hubs and 450 projects across 6 continents, Bandweaver is committed to providing you with state of the art, reliable monitoring systems to improve the efficiency and security of your assets.

  • 10,000 sqm state-of-the-art production facility
  • More than 30 R&D Engineers
  • Class 100 clean room and testing facilities
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Bandweaver is ISO 9001 certified and undergoes a rigorous continuous improvement program and tests all of its products to leading international standards.
For the oil & gas sector Bandweaver tests according to both industry standards and customer specific testing.

In addition to our industrial monitoring customers, Bandweaver is also a leading international supplier to the telecoms industry which has some of the most stringent quality and reliability requirements.
Bandweaver has extensive in-house environmental testing facilities but also utilizes leading 3rd party testing houses for independent verification and approvals.

    • Extensive environmental testing on all products
    • Components to meet telecom standards > 31 years MTBF
    • Products are designed for low maintenance and cost of ownership (e.g. fan free design …)
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