Pipeline Monitoring

Bandweaver has worked together with customers and partners for more than 10 years to develop security, process efficiency and asset integrity solutions for the petrochemical and industrial process industry.
Whether it is a long-distance remote pipeline monitoring with limited security, an inner city pipe at risk of accidental damage from 3rd party interference or a process facility with pipeline condition monitoring requirements, Bandweaver’s unique and versatile range of systems can provide you with a solution.

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Application areas include
  • Pipeline leak detection systems for liquid and gas pipelines
  • Third party interference detection (intentional sabotage or unintentional digging, drilling in vicinity)
  • Perimeter intrusion detection system
  • PIG Tracking – Pipeline Inspection Gauge Tracking
  • Pipeline Condition monitoring of pipe and valves
  • Seismic and landfall detection
  • LNG terminal and pipeline security and integrity
  • Vessel integrity (leak detection , skin monitoring)
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pipeline monitoring process

Features and Benefits

Feature Benefits
DAS monitoring for third party intervention (TPI) detection before the vent occurs, whether it is malicious (terroist, product theft) or accidental (3rd party digging) Prevention of product theft, improved safety, lower maintenance and repair costs
Precise, real-time and actionable information at all points on the pipeline Rapid and focused decision making which improves custodianship over pipeline thus reducing risk to reputational damage
Proactive, risk based maintenance based on accurate measure real-time information Optimization of planned maintenance program and reduction in unscheduled downtime
Smart condition monitoring leads to effective prediction and prevention of equipment failure Reduced downtime leading to improved return on investment and delayed capital spending
Lead detection using both distributed acoustic (DAS) and distributed temperature sensors(DTS) Early detection of leaks can prevent environmental damage, avoid fines and risk to reputation
Utilize existing telecoms infrastructure along pipelines – working closely with telecoms/SCADA installer Ease of installation, lowering overall cost of ownership

Process & Pipeline Monitoring Applications

Bandweaver’s extensive range of sensors and integrated smart software solutions combined with our ability to interface with industry standard communication protocols, enables us to tailor the system to meet your specific needs.

Pipeline & Process monitoring
Monitoring Scenario Fiber Technology Smart Software
Third Party intrusion detection DAS Maxview can be configured for
all applications
Classification engines for
multiple application, including:
Buried – PIDS
LNG leak engine
Perimeter intrusion detection system DAS
Pipeline Inspection Gauge (PIG) Tracking DAS
Substation fire detection
Equipment room protection and transformer fire monitoring
Overhead line monitoring (line galloping, cable sag) DAS/DTS
Cable Security (theft monitoring, unauthorised access) DAS/DTS
Monitor integrity of critical fibre optic links DAS/DTS
Power generation plant fire monitoring DAS/DTS
Coal conveyors, Equipment rooms, Cable tunnels DAS/DTS
Bandweaver Services

Bandweaver has the expertise and personnel to provide services with the following disciplines, to ensure the system performs to your needs:

    • Front End Engineering Design (FEED)
    • Project management
    • System installation & commissioning
    • Product training
    • Support & maintenance

Gloabal Leader

With more than 300 employees and facilities in 4 global hubs and 450 projects across 6 continents, Bandweaver is committed to providing you with state of the art, reliable monitoring systems to improve the efficiency and security of your assets.

  • 10,000 sqm state-of-the-art production facility
  • More than 30 R&D Engineers
  • Class 100 clean room and testing facilities
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Reliability and Approvals

Bandweaver is ISO 9001 certified and undergoes a rigorous continuous improvement program and tests all of its products to leading international standards.
For the pipeline sector, Bandweaver tests according to both industry standards and customer specific testing. All of our classification engines undergo extensive testing and qualification and have scored highly in independent technology comparison tests.

In addition to our industrial monitoring customers, Bandweaver is also a leading international supplier into the telecoms industry which has some of the most stringent quality and reliability requirements.
Bandweaver has extensive in-house environmental testing facilities but also utilises leading 3rd party testing houses for independent verification and approvals.

    • Extensive environmental testing on all products
    • Components to meet telecom standards > 31 years MTBF
    • Products are designed for low maintenance and cost of ownership (e.g. fan free design..)
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