Howell Zhao Bandweaver
Howell Zhao

Chief Executive Officer

Howell is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bandweaver Technologies and founded Bandweaver in 2002.
Howell is a serial entrepreneur and has founded a number of leading companies in the optical sensing and telecom components sectors. It is through this diverse experience that Bandweaver has successfully developed the strategy of vertical integration.
Howell holds a Ph.D. in Optical Communication from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and an MBA from China Europe International Business School. As well as a strong academic pedigree, prior to founding Bandweaver, Howell worked at Corning and Solectron.
Howell spends his time between Shanghai and Los Angeles

Richard Kluth Bandweaver
Richard Kluth

Managing Director

Richard has more than 20 years’ experience in applying monitoring and instrumentation technologies in a wide variety of industries including upstream and downstream oil & gas, electrical power and fire & security.
Working for companies including Schlumberger, Shell Technology Ventures, Sensornet, Acteon and Bandweaver, Richard has been responsible for introducing a range of new sensing technologies including the first downhole fiber optic sensing system to the oil & gas industry.
Richard is based in the Bandweaver Guildford office.

Kin Wei Lee Bandweaver
Kin Wei Lee

Chief Technology Officer

Kin Wei has extensive experience in the field of distributed fiber sensing and has held key positions in leading technology companies in China (Bandweaver) and the United Kingdom (Sensornet). He has been intimately involved with the design and development of several generations of optical sensor systems.
By utilizing Bandweaver’s extensive optics and electronics resources, he has been able to continuously evolve DTS, leading the vertical integration strategy with extensive component development and integration. Kin Wei has a Ph.D. in MEMS from Imperial College in the United Kingdom.
Kin Wei is based in the Bandweaver Shanghai office.

Erica Fernandes Bandweaver
Erica Fernandes

Operations Director

Erica has devoted her career to developing and delivering solutions for the marine and oil & gas industries. Bringing a breadth of experience from companies including Cameron, Schlumberger, Acteon, Pharos Marine and Bandweaver, Erica has been responsible for the successful delivery and installation of marine navigation aid systems with monitoring and radio control, structural monitoring packages for subsea structures, and process equipment for oil & gas.
Erica has a B.Eng. and M.Sc. in Electronic Engineering and is based in the Bandweaver London Office.

Henry Stephenson

Henry Stephenson

Business Development Manager

Henry has more than 10 years’ experience working with optical fiber technology, applying it in the power and utility, telecommunications, security and oil & gas markets. He has taken on many roles in this time including design engineer, production engineer, technical sales and business development with industry leading companies such as AFL Fujikura, QinetiQ and Senstar. Henry is responsible for developing the Bandweaver brand in the EMEA region across all the market sectors in which we operate as well as finding new applications for the technology in new markets. Henry holds a BA in Industrial Design and Engineering from Brunel University of West London and is based in the Bandweaver Guildford office.