LATEST WEBINAR | Going the Distance: Fire Safety Solutions for Long-Range Assets

This webinar will dive into the advantages of Bandweaver’s fiber optic linear heat detection (LHD) for long-range assets such as tunnels, conveyors and utility galleries, exploring our distributed temperature sensing (DTS) solutions.

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Webinar Recording: Protection of buildings and industrial facilities using fiber optic Linear Heat Detection (LHD)

Webinar Recording: Mitigating Fire Risk in Tunnels – A systems approach to underground safety

ZoneSentry: The Key Advantages of Zonal-Based PIDS

Introducing ZoneSentry – a zonal based Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) based on the company’s leading edge fiber optic distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) technology.

FenceSentry: Discover the Advanced Perimeter Security Solution

Hosted by Bandweaver’s VP Mark Horton, this webinar focuses on shorter range projects – typically those under 5km – which make up around 90% of the market​.

Perimeter Intruder Detection Solutions: Harnessing advanced fiber optic technologies

Hosted by Security Matters, Bandweaver will discuss the benefits of Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) technology for Perimeter Intruder Detection.

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