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Integrated Monitoring Software Platform

The MaxView integrated monitoring platform provides operators with a fully customisable system with advanced visualisation and analytics.

MaxView is a truly versatile software solution and has been used in a wide range of industries including smart monitoring, power, security and pipeline.

Overview of how MaxView works

Intelligent Insights

Improved Efficiency

Advanced visualisation creates situational awareness at all points in your infrastructure at all times to enable a quick response time so that effective decision making can reduce risks and improve efficiency.

Easy to Deploy Software

Low cost of ownership – easy to deploy within multi site organisation. Users can access through cloud with web browser interface. No software or hardware installation necessary.

Bespoke to clients needs and requirements

Higher engagement and improved decision making. Highly adaptable user interface. Operator can easily configure the GUI to their needs.

Central server and Database - MaxView brochure

MaxView: Smart

MaxView’s versatile architecture allows it to be used across a number of different industrial monitoring solutions. With the ability to import multiple sensors and data streams, it can be an effective platform for integrating multiple systems and software packages.

Some of the applications include:

  • Smart Cities
  • Conveyor Belts
  • Railway
  • Refinery and Process Plants
MaxView smart monitoring - plant thermal monitoring

MaxView: Power

Bandweaver has worked together with customers and technology partners for more than 10 years to develop condition monitoring solutions for the intelligent grid which have mainly been based on Real Time Thermal Rating (RTTR) systems utilsing DTS to achieve the temperature profile.

When used alongside a proactive maintenance approach, our state of the art sensing systems and intelligent software provide the operator with the right information at the right time to make decisions that help you to reduce planned and unplanned maintenance, to avoid catastrophic failure and to effectively manage your risk.

Screenshot of Maxview for city west sector DTS monitoring

MaxView: Security

From the MaxView software platform operators can quickly by alerted of a potential perimeter breach and track in real time the progress of any intruders.

With accurate real time location information indicated on the dynamic map view together with audio and visual alerts MaxView is the ideal solution to protect your asset, no matter what the size.

Multiple cameras can also be directly integrated into MaxView providing a secondary visual indication of a perimeter breach for ultimate operator confidence.

With the ability to seamlessly integrate to 3rd party software including PSIM, VMS, SMS, etc. MaxView plays a key part in your centralised security monitoring software.

MaxView security screenshot

MaxView: Pipeline

To protect vital infrastructure that is particularly vulnerable to disruption, it is critical to keep assets such as pipelines secure. Whether the threats arise from accidental damage such as from 3rd party construction or deliberate interference, including terrorism, tapping or other malicious attack, there is a need to deploy a reliable and accurate solution.

Such solutions also aid the reduction of environmental pollution or maximisation of uptime through smart maintenance programs. Whether it is a remote long distance pipeline, an inner city pipe at risk of accidental damage or a process facility with condition monitoring requirements, Bandweaver’s unique and versatile range of systems can help.

Screenshot of MaxView Software at central control station