MaxView Integrated Monitoring

The MaxView integrated monitoring platform provides operators with a fully customisable system with advanced visualisation and analytics. MaxView is a truly versatile solution and has been used in a wide range of industries including power utilities, structural health, processing, refining and pipeline monitoring.

Key features and benefits:

  • Advanced visualisation ensures situational awareness across your infrastructure
  • Improve ROI on existing assets and systems
  • Scalable across global infrastructure
  • Supports multiple devices and hardware
  • Low cost of ownership and easy to deploy
  • No software or hardware installation required
  • High adaptable user interface
  • Flexible and adaptable to your requirements
  • Suitable for small and large operators

MaxView Software Core Functions:

  • Data export and import
  • Data storage
  • Intelligent control and alarms
  • Advanced visualisation
  • Complex analytics
maxview itegrated monitoring software
maxview system architecture

The MaxView architecture uses a distributed, loose coupling approach, which means that each of the network nodes is independent of each other. This improves system stability, reduces the risk of any single object in the system and makes the system easily scalable.

MaxView uses a 4-layer architecture comprising the following layers:

    • APPLICATION LAYER User interface layer which incorporate system configuration, arrangement, control and visualisation.
    • DATA LAYER MaxView utilises a centralised, unified database for read, write, distribution and analysis
    • ACCESS LAYER Protocol/device layer which transfers data from physical layer to data server
    • PHYSICAL LAYER The physical device layer which acquires the data from sources including distributed acoustic sensors or distributed temperature sensors, security systems or one of the analytical plug in modules (e.g Real Time Temperature Rating or RTTR)

You decide how to configure your user interface. Intuitive parent-child page hierarchy allows you to have a wide range of views from site overview, sub-stations or partial views down to specific pieces equipment. The user can select the background image that meets requirements. This could be a site diagram, photo, GIS map or 3D modelling available.

Dynamically linked images can be placed as required on the site overview and can link through to real time sensor information, real time video feeds and intelligent, zone based alarms can be configured as required.

maxview software interface