Horizon Distributed Acoustic Sensor (DAS)

The Bandweaver Horizon technology is a sophisticated Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) technology which forms a key part of a perimeter monitoring and intrusion detection solution.

  • High performance intrusion detection solution
  • Simple installation
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Solution immune to RFI
  • Event classification algorithms
  • High detection rate – low nuisance alarm level
  • 100km range per system
  • Location to within 5m
  • No distributed electronics along intrusion path
  • 2 year standard warranty
Horizon DAS - Distributed Acoustic Sensing Technology Bandweaver

The Maxview Horizon platform is a very versatile platform which provides information at all points along your asset. This covers both buried assets (pipelines, cables) and assets above ground (overhead power lines, fences, perimeters).
Bandweaver’s extensive library of event classification engines assures that a wide variety of events can be detected before any potential threat or damage occurs. With intelligent zone configuration you are able to configure and customize according to your needs.

Specifications for Horizon Range of DAS
Horizon Model Das 5 Das 10 Das 20 Das 40 DAS 50 DAS 100
1000+ zone, fully configurable, independent of each other
Event Classification Personnel, Manual Digging, Vehicle, Mechanical Digging
(per unit)
5km 10km 20km 40km 50km 100km
of Channels
1 2 1 2 1 2
G.652/ G.654 single mode optical fiber
1Hz~2.5kHz 1Hz~1.6kHz 1Hz~800Hz
2 to 10 seconds
Voltage 100V~240V (AC)
TCP/IP to IPC. Multiple interfaces via IPC/MaxView)
-10 to 55°C
Laser Safety Class Class 1M (EN60825-1) 2000 / Output power < 10mW
Approvals & Testing

Bandweaver is ISO 9001 certified and undergoes a rigorous continuous improvement program and tests all of its products to leading international standards

  • Extensive environmental testing on all products
  • Components to telecom standards > 25 years MTBF
  • Products are designed for low maintenance and cost of ownership (e.g. fan free design..)
Industry Approvals

Bandweaver tests all of it’s equipment to the highest standards both based on internal specifications and guidelines and also to leading industry 3rd party standards. Bandweaver has extensive internal testing facilities but in addition we also test with internationally leading 3rd party test houses.

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The Horizon Distributed Acoustic Sensor (DAS) measures the temperature along the fiber using a technique called Coherent Optical Time Domain Reflectometry (COTDR). The DAS rapidly sends laser pulses into the fiber optic and measures the reflected light from the optical fiber sensing cable. However, differing from the Distributed Temperature Sensor, the COTDR system returned scattered signal is mixed with a local oscillator and then filtered. By analyzing the returned light at the Rayleigh frequencies, the Horizon DAS is able to create a distributed acoustic (or vibration) measurement along the entire length of the fiber, effectively turning the telecoms cable into a continuous series of microphones.

T-Laser Distributed temperature sensing
System Integration – The Maxview Advantage

Bandweaver’s Maxview SCADA integration software is a proven solution to provide advanced visualization and integration with existing security technologies deployed on site. Maxview provides a system mapping function, along with real time event management.

The Horizon IPC units also provide alarm management capabilities by the use of event database management and seamless integration with other security technologies including DCS, CCTV and access control, to provide an effective integrated security solution.

Horizon DAS - distributed acoustic sensing Bandweaver