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In this document archive section, you can access downloads and resources on Bandweaver solutions and technologies, realating to the four main sectors: Fire, Security, Power and Pipeline.


Bandweaver - General Brochures

General Brochures

Access and download brochures on the main sectors; Fire, Security, Power and Pipeline, as well as the main brochure.

bandweaver technology resources


Bandweaver use a variety of technology including DAS and DTS systems, Real Time Thermal Rating and SCADA software. Access downloads on each topic, including brochures and data sheets on the different areas.

bandweaver videos


Access a variety of short videos here, including demonstrations and case studies of Bandweaver solutions.


Catch up on expert-led webinars hosted by the Bandweaver team. Covering topics from long-range perimeter protection to fire safety for industrial applications.

fiber optic sensing Bandweaver


Bandweaver provide Linear Heat Detection solutions, which can be used to monitor environments over a long range distance. The solutions have a range of industrial applications, including roads, tunnels and escalator and conveyer belt protection.  Here you can access downloads including brochures, data sheets and case studies on areas including the solutions use in warehouse facilities and factories.

Security fence with view to airport


Bandweaver’s Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) are are a robust, reliable and secure detection strategy to mitigate operational risk. Fiber Optic Technology is an effective and reliable solution for your security needs.  Download brochures and case studies on the solution, including PIDS use in high tech data centres and PIDS using FenceSentry.

fiber optic sensing Bandweaver


Bandweaver have developed condition monitoring solutions for the intelligent grid. When used alongside a proactive maintenance approach, they provide the operator with the right information at there right time and therefore reducing planned and unplanned maintenance. Download brochures, technical notes and case studies on the topic.

fiber optic sensing Bandweaver


By using the latest technology, Bandweaver solutions, can minimise environmental pollution or maximise uptime. Our pipeline protection solutions  include bother condition monitoring and Leak Detection System (LDS) based on DTS and DAS systems. Download brochures, case studies and technical notes on the topic.