In this video section you can access a variety of short videos on Bandweaver solutions. This includes case studies and demonstrations of a range on solutions including LHD and DAS solutions.

Horizon (Distributed Acoustic Sensing)

Horizon is a sophisticated Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) solution, which forms a key part of Bandweaver’s fiber optic perimeter monitoring and intrusion detection system.

FireLaser (linear heat detection system)

This video explains how the FireLaser can be used and how it works. It also covers the use of LHD systems in different settings.

Tap, Climb & Lean – FenceSentry DAS Demo

This demonstration shows how FenceSentry systems work in the event of a tap, climb and lean.

Vehicle, Dig & Walk – Horizon DAS Demo

This video demonstrates how Horizon DAS solutions work in the event of a vehicle, digging and walking.

Overhead Distribution Line Pole Tampering – Horizon DAS Demo. EDESUR Case Study

This EDESUR case study, demonstrates overhead distribution line pole tampering, on a Horizon DAS system.

Drill on Buried Pipe – Horizon DAS Demo

This demonstration shows the effect of a drill on a pipe, when a Horizon DAS solution is in place.