ZoneSentry™ – Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

ZoneSentry is a zone-based perimeter intrusion detection system, which utilises fiber optic sensing technology. The solution provides real time monitoring of vibrations on the perimeter and key assets within, enabling rapid detection and communication of intrusion events.

The system is based on fiber optic vibration monitoring technology. By attaching the fiber optic sensing cable to the external perimeter or on key assets you can detect the vibrations associated with intrusion events and rapidly detect and take action to prevent damage or theft.

The system has a zone based approach and can have up to 8 zones per unit. Each zone can be 1km in length (with up to a 10km lead-in, insensitive length). Each zone is effectively a fiber optic loop with a Zone Activation Unit at the start, which activates the zone – making it sensitive to vibration. The zones can be configured individually and so different sensitivities can be applied across the installation.

Key Applications

  • Power, utilities and substations
  • Renewable energy
  • Telecoms
  • Well heads, block valves and pumping stations

System Advantages

  • Simple and low cost of installation
  • Cable immune to Radio Frequency or Electro Magnetic Interference
  • Up to 8km of perimeter monitoring per unit
  • Location of event to within a user defined zone
  • Custom configuration of zone sensitivity – minimise nuisance alarms
  • Flexible and versatile
  • Simple integration with existing software
Approvals & Testing

Bandweaver is ISO 9001 certified and undergoes a rigorous continuous improvement program and tests all of its products to leading international standards

  • Extensive environmental testing on all products
  • Components to telecom standards > 25 years MTBF
  • Products are designed for low maintenance and cost of ownership (e.g. fan free design..)
Industry Approvals

Bandweaver tests all of its equipment to the highest standards both based on internal specifications and guidelines and also to leading industry 3rd party standards. Bandweaver has extensive internal testing facilities but in addition we also test with internationally leading 3rd party test houses.

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The Technology Principle

The ZoneSentry system is based on the principle of the Sagnac interferometer. Fiber-based Sagnac loop sensors, as opposed to all other types of common interferometers, have the unique advantage of providing the same physical path for the two counter-propagating light waves that create the optical interference, hence eliminating signal fading problems due to path instabilities caused by environmental disturbances.

This technology has a number of benefits including:

  • High stability
  • Self-balancing characteristics
  • Compact structure
  • Simplicity – single zone activation unit and otherwise standard fiber optic cable.
System Integration – The MaxView Advantage

The ZoneSentry can be integrated as a standalone system or with Bandweaver’s MaxView integration software and so has very good versatility with regard to interfacing with different security VMS and PSIM packages.

Below is an example of a 4 zone integration with integration for CCTV for each of the respective zones through a DVR system:

4 zone integration with Zonesentry
Sensing Cable Configuration

Bandweaver recommends the use of the FenceLine vibration sensing cable (see datasheet). Installation of the cable should be carried out according to Bandweaver installation guidelines.

Please contract your Bandweaver representative for more details.

Specification Summary
  • Measurement range – 1km per zone / 4km or 8km per unit
  • Number of channels – 4 or 8
  • Alarm type – Intrusion, fiber cut – single report per zone
  • Technology – Interferometry
  • Operating temperature – -20°C to +70°C
  • Dimensions – 88mm(H) x 384mm(W) X 430mm(D)
  • Weight – 5.1kg
  • Supply voltage – Nominal 12V or 24V DC
  • Power consumption – <10W

Click to view the datasheet for full specification.