Webinar: Fiber in Focus

Fiber in focus: Protecting multi-storey car parks with fiber optic sensing technology

Tuesday 7th May 2024

Join a panel of industry experts as we explore the challenges of managing fire safety risks in multi-storey parking garages.

These environments pose unique fire risks due to their design, infrastructure, and the presence of numerous vehicles. Whether it’s new fire risks associated with EV battery systems and charging equipment to the ever-present threats of arson and vandalism, this webinar will highlight how Bandweaver’s solutions can rise to the challenge.

Implementing robust fire detection systems are not just an exercise in compliance. Last year, a huge blaze tore through London Luton Airport’s £20 multi-storey car park with costly consequences. With “significant structural collapse” and an estimated 1,500 vehicles in the car park at the time, the total cost of the damage is still unknown 5 months later.

Fiber optic linear heat detection technology can trigger fire suppression systems faster than conventional solutions, minimising damage and reducing the pressure on emergency services.

From solution specification and system design to installation, configuration and testing, we’ll take you through everything you need to know, including live examples from a working site. Utilising features such as smart alarms to monitor rate of rise and deviation, we’ll demonstrate how these innovative solutions can raise the alarm and enable a swift response.

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Marinus de Heijde

Business Development Manager


Marinus has extensive experience in the fire safety sector with the supply of critical components to vehicle builders and fire safety companies in Europe and the Middle East. More recently he has also ventured in the supply of fire alarm and evacuation systems through a network of international distributors.

Marinus joined Bandweaver from Biosite Systems Ltd. In his time there, he was responsible for the sale of all fire safety products in Europe and set up exclusive distributors in The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and UAE whilst also selling direct and indirect in Ireland, Sweden and Germany.

Richard Kluth

Managing Director


Richard has more than 20 years’ experience in applying monitoring and instrumentation technologies in a wide variety of industries including upstream and downstream oil & gas, electrical power and fire & security.

Richard has previously worked with Schlumberger, Shell Technology Ventures, Sensornet and Acteon. He has been responsible for introducing a range of new sensing technologies. These include the first downhole fiber optic sensing system to the oil & gas industry.

Hans Bronkhorst


SenseTek B.V.

Hans is the co-owner and co-founder of Sensetek Fire and Security. Hans is one of the principal authorities in the field of special fire detection in the Netherlands and has more than 20 years experience in fire safety.

Hans and his team have built Sensetek into one of the leading companies for Car Park fire detection systems in the Netherlands and other neighbouring European countries.