Converged Security Solutions: The Time is Now

Up until the lockdown at least, I have been a regular attendee at the world’s leading international security exhibitions and conference. One thing is becoming more and more clear – converged traditional physical security solutions and cybersecurity is vital in the modern age.

End users now expect holistic solutions that address all threats. This may be from physical attacks onsite or remote attacks from hackers located on another continent. They expect their integrators, and ultimately, product manufacturers to offer comprehensive solutions that mitigate both physical and IT vulnerabilities. Read more

Introducing: Horizon 10 Distributed Acoustic Sensing

Due to popular demand, Bandweaver is pleased to announce the release of the Horizon 10 km Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) system. We have received a number of requests from our customers for a DAS product in this range variant. We are committed to supporting our customer at the core of our business. Therefore, we are proud to be able to expand our portfolio to offer broader choice for our customers. Users can expect the same full functionality of the existing range. This includes 1 and 2 channel configurations, as well as a Deep Neural Network (DNN) artificial intelligence, providing an improved performance through responsive, dynamic machine learning. Read more

Security Technology vs Manpower

With the onset of COVID-19 it seems that everything has changed. As countries start to lift their restrictions thoughts go to post virus life and what if anything will be different. From a security industry point of view, it is inevitable that there will be a dusting off and review of business continuity plans. As well as how can organisations react differently to future challenges. One of those key points will be the consideration of security technology vs manpower. Read more