New Contract Win: Car Parking facility, Amsterdam

We are pleased to announce that SenseTek Fire and Security Solutions has been awarded a contract to supply Bandweaver’s FireLaser DTS for protection of a Car Parking facility in Amsterdam. The car park is a single-story facility beneath 9 office buildings with a total of over 800 parking spaces.  7,000 metres of cable was installed, divided into two redundant loops. Read more

Increasing Security Resilience with Value Engineered Solutions

It’s safe to say that 2020 has been an unusual year; the impact of COVID-19 has been felt around the world. Everyone has begun adapting to what is commonly called ‘the new norm’. Individuals, families, companies, organisations and even countries are having to change the way they operate, how they interact and how they travel. The impact on businesses has been massive, home working has become standard for many people. Some sectors have been devastated and very few have been left unaffected. The future remains uncertain and this has had an impact on the global financial markets. Companies are tightening their belts in readiness of a predicted recession – it’s certainly not the easiest time to do business. From a security perspective, there has also been changes in the way assets are monitored. Sites that were once busy are now empty and unmanned, lockdowns and travel restrictions have put further pressure on manned security teams and operators and crime rates also tend to increase as a result of economic uncertainties and increased unemployment. Read more