Sarah Phillips

The past few months have had a significant impact on businesses, governments, and individuals. Although many countries are beginning to ease lockdown measures, it is still by no means business as usual. However, when it comes to safety, security and monitoring of critical sites, it is sometimes not an option to put projects and operations on hold. So now is time to adapt working practices.

Adapt working practices for social distancing

Bandweaver, a leading fiber optic sensing solutions provider, faced one such challenge. With a critical national infrastructure underway, it was vital to proceed according to the agreed timetable as much as possible. As part of the project, Bandweaver  implemented a fiber optic based pipeline monitoring system to detect Third Party Intrusion (TPI).

Factory Acceptance Test

The government put in place Global travel restrictions and social distancing guidelines. Therefore, it was no longer possible for the customer to visit the site in person to carry out the test. This is despite the deadline for delivery quickly approaching. This required Bandweaver to adapt working practices. Together, Bandweaver and the customer designed a factory acceptance test (FAT). This met all of the requirements whilst respecting all social distancing guidelines. Most importantly, it did not put any personnel at an increased level of risk.

The proposed pipeline intrusion detection system will utilise two Bandweaver Horizon DAS systems to provide complete coverage of the pipeline. As part of the FAT testing requirements, the procedure included demonstrating detection of personnel movement, personnel digging and vehicle movement. Bandweaver utilised the state-of-the-art demonstration facilities at their UK premises to test and demonstrate the equipment for the client.

The health and safety of the team was a top priority for Bandweaver. The test respected and adhered to recommend government social distancing guidelines for COVID-19 at all times.  Key stakeholders involved with the project observed the testing remotely, with full video and audio access. In addition to the project manager demonstrating the system via screen share, there was also an additional Bandweaver representative carrying out the simulated intrusion events in the vicinity of the sensing cable.


Bandweaver are pleased to announce the Factory Acceptance Test was completed successfully. This was as a result of the ingenuity and dedication of the team. By working diligently with the client, the project was delivered on time. Furthermore, there was no additional risk to any personnel and to their exacting specifications – even in these unprecedented and challenging times.