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As leaders in fiber optic sensing technology, Bandweaver will be sharing their expert knowledge in an upcoming webinar: ‘Fiber in focus: Protecting multi-storey car parks with fiber optic sensing technology’.

At 10:00am BST on Tuesday 7th May 2024,  join a panel of industry experts as we explore the challenges of managing fire safety risks in multi-storey parking garages.

These environments pose unique fire risks due to their design, infrastructure, and the presence of numerous vehicles. Whether it’s new fire risks associated with EV battery systems and charging equipment to the ever-present threats of arson and vandalism, this webinar will highlight how Bandweaver’s solutions can rise to the challenge.

Implementing robust fire detection systems are not just an exercise in compliance. Last year, a huge blaze tore through London Luton Airport’s £20 multi-storey car park with costly consequences. With “significant structural collapse” and an estimated 1,500 vehicles in the car park at the time, the total cost of the damage is still unknown 5 months later.

Fiber optic linear heat detection technology can trigger fire suppression systems faster than conventional solutions, minimising damage and reducing the pressure on emergency services.

From solution specification and system design to installation, configuration and testing, we’ll take you through everything you need to know, including live examples from a working site. Utilising features such as smart alarms to monitor rate of rise and deviation, we’ll demonstrate how these innovative solutions can raise the alarm and enable a swift response.

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DATE: 07/05/2024

TIME: 10am BST / 11am CEST



FireLaser is Bandweaver’s fiber optic Linear Heat Detector System, specifically designed for use in special hazard fire detection applications.

Using fiber optic cabling, FireLaser determines temperature and distance data at thousands of points along the length of the cable, alerting the user of any changes in temperature, allowing sufficient time to take action.

The FireLaser has unrivalled precision, with the ability to detect the location of one (or multiple) hot spot on 10km  length of fiber optic cable, monitor movement of the hot spot, and identify the exact temperature in real-time.

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About Bandweaver

With an installed base of over 60,000km and 7,500 systems worldwide, Bandweaver’s vision is to be the first choice for integrated distributed fiber optic sensing solutions across the globe. Since 2002, Bandweaver has been committed to delivering reliable, innovative, client-centric, and value-added products and services, via a dedicated and talented team of people.

Bandweaver manufactures and distributes advanced fiber optic monitoring sensors and integrated technologies, enabling customers to monitor, secure and keep personnel and critical assets safe.

Bandweaver’s solutions have been utilised for multiple applications, including road and rail tunnels and spurs as well as facility buildings, power infrastructure, escalators, and stations.

Utilising the latest technologies, Bandweaver provides solutions for Security, Fire, Power, and Pipelines.

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