Sarah Phillips

BTS Yangin, together with Bandweaver Technologies has been awarded a new contract. This is for additional fiber optic fire detection systems for Istanbul International Airport. This is the fourth phase of an ongoing contract. The contract includes 18 FireLaser systems and more than 40,000m of fiber optic linear heat detection cable. The FireLaser systems are being utilised to protect a wide range of assets including both facility buildings, hangers and tunnels.

Richard Kluth, Managing Director of Bandweaver said, “BTS has done a great job in working with the customer to install the FireLaser LHD systems across a number of the airport facilities. It is a real testament to the high performance and reliability of the FireLaser systems that we have been awarded multiple contracts to protect this world-class facility.”

Bandweaver’s FireLaser is a linear heat detector system specifically designed for use in special hazard fire detection applications. The system uses distributed temperature sensing (DTS) technology and can determine temperature and distance data at thousands of points along the length of a distributed fiber optic cable. The FireLaser solution can detect the location of a hot spot on up to a 5km length of fiber optic cable with unrivalled precision. The system can remotely monitor the movement of the hot spot, or multiple hot spots, in terms of physical position and temperature – all in real-time.

Levent Ceylan of BTS Yangin commented, “The use of fiber optic LHD technology in high ceiling facilities, cable galleries and vehicle tunnels reduces the operating and maintenance costs for the end user. Using the distributed sensing technology, the location, size and direction of the fire can be instantly monitored and managed through the control centre.  When dealing with critical assets, all options must be considered to reduce the risk of fire in their premises. To do so the latest fire detection technologies are selected – in this case, fiber optic linear heat detection.”

With six runways and four terminals, the new Istanbul Airport is likely to be the busiest in the world. There are multiple contracts ongoing at this site as well as other high-profile sites across Turkey. Therefore the developing partnership between Bandweaver and BTS is continuing to thrive into the new year.