Bandweaver has recently completed the installation and commissioned its latest global test and demonstration facility just outside London, England. This reinforces Bandweaver as a global operator within the fiber optic monitoring sector with test and demonstration facilities across four continents.

Global Test Sites

These world class facilities have multiple capabilities to support and provide our supply partners and customers with all the pertinent information needed to procure, often complex, monitoring solutions used with critical infrastructures programs such as power and utilities as well as asset protection from fire and other damaging events. The facilities include:

  • Product Demonstration Areas
  • Bandweaver Research and Development
  • Internal research and development
  • Client acceptance testing facilities
  • Client research and development

These facilities are integrated systems which can be automated and integrated with CCTV to provide real time solutions such as our over power distribution cable testing section as our Dallas site.

Dallas Site Overview

Each location contains a buried fiber optic cable with specific areas used to highlight system features such as pipeline leak detection or perimeter intrusion.

Overhead View of UK Site Showing Optical Path

 Product Demonstration Areas

Product demos provides customers with a hands-on experience of Bandweaver’s equipment and can replicate real-life deployment and operation of fiber optic or other sensor technologies within real life scenarios such as personnel movements, mechanical, human, vehicle, water or explosion disturbance. Both night-time and day-time situations and sequences can be explored.

Demonstration of Real-Life Deployment And Operation Of Sensor Technologies In Real-World Scenarios

Client acceptance testing facilities

Our test and demonstration sites allow us to run customised tests to specific criteria as required by a client. For example, marker points indicate specific key measurement parameters and cable sections and are used to simulate a client’s requirements, such as fence, buried cables and water sections. Different digging events (manual and mechanical) and different vehicle footprints can be tested and visualised. We can even provide an interactive testing experience with a real life scenario and two-way participation.

Testing for Anti Tampering Activity On Power Distribution/Street Light

Control Room Facilities

Our US control room within our Dallas testing and demonstration site in Texas has a video conference facility and a training area with large multi-screen interactive displays showing our DAS and live video feeds and has two-way radio communication with external personnel.

Control Room Facility

Arrange a visit

Bandweaver would be pleased to offer a warm welcome to customers. If you wish to find out more about our global test and demonstration sites or would like to arrange a visit please do not hesitate to get in touch:



London Office
Telephone: +44 203 287 4416 (UK)

Dallas Office
Telephone: + 1 214 736 3169 (US)

Shanghai Office
Telephone: +86 21 5187 6575 (China)

Dubai Office
Telephone: +971 4 817 0501 (UAE)