Sarah Phillips

Bandweaver Technologies are hosting a complimentary webinar for delegates to learn about the benefits of Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) optimised for perimeter intrusion detection.

Entitled ‘FenceSentry: Discover the Advanced Perimeter Security Solution’, interested participants can register here to join the free webinar, which takes place on Tuesday 22nd February 2022 at 10AM UTC.

The presentation, due to be delivered by Bandweaver’s Vice President, Mark Horton, will cover the following areas:

  • A focus on shorter range projects – typically those under 5km – which make up around 90% of the market​
  • Demonstrate the benefits of fiber optic sensors​
    • Coverage at all points along the perimeter​
    • Robust and reliable technology using advanced machine learning​
  • Introduce the FenceSentry product​
    • Rapid detection, location accuracy and low nuisance alarms​
    • Minimal infrastructure requirements and low cost of ownership​
  • Demonstrate its key market advantages​
    • Available in one or two channel configurations​
    • Low price point​
    • Reliable, durable solution

Installing a perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS) is the first line of defence against the threat of intrusion, but many systems are easily bypassed or fail to provide rapid and accurate alerts, leaving property and assets vulnerable. Fiber optic technology is fast becoming the technology of choice, especially for organisations looking to deploy a cost-effective, reliable solution with significantly lower full life cost of ownership.

With a long-standing track record of protecting large perimeters using fiber optic technology, Bandweaver will be discussing its FenceSentry solution during the webinar, an affordable solution particularly suited for smaller perimeters, typically under 5km.

FenceSentry protects infrastructure and assets using advanced Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) technology, capable of identifying and precisely locating multiple threats in real time, with point-locating capabilities to within 1m.

During the webinar, Mark will demonstrate how a DAS PIDS solution can provide highly reliable detection and location of intrusion events with minimal nuisance events and false alarms.

Mark will introduce attendees to the distributed acoustic sensing technology that provides coverage at all points along a perimeter, based on a single fiber-optic sensing cable. Unlike conventional PIDS, the fiber optic technology has no moving parts and no individual sensors meaning it is robust, reliable, and durable.

The presentation will then introduce FenceSentry and cover its key market advantages, including how it is optimised to identify, classify, and precisely locate any unwanted intrusion attempts alongside Bandweaver’s integrated software solution – MaxView.

Mark adds “With ever evolving risks to consider it is important that organisations properly secure their property and assets. This starts at the perimeter of their sites where there has never been a more important time to deploy robust, reliable, and secure detection strategies to mitigate operational risk and effectively manage security personnel. This webinar session will give our audience the opportunity to better understand how this technology can protect their assets and ask any questions they may have about the technology and our solution”.

 Delegates can register here for the online event which will be hosted via the online conferencing platform Zoom.