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As leaders in fiber optic sensing technology, Bandweaver will be sharing their expert knowledge in an upcoming webinar: ‘The future is fiber: Understanding the key advantages of fiber optic linear heat detection’.

Hosted by Fire Safety Matters Magazine at 10:30am BST on Wednesday 20th September 2023 and presented by Bandweaver’s Managing Director Richard Kluth, this webinar will look at how fiber optic based Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) systems offer the highest levels of protection with early detection, ensuring operators are alerted as quickly as possible to minimise danger for people, property and assets.

The webinar will dive into why the latest generation Linear Heat Detection compares against conventional linear heat detection systems, including digital and anlog cable-based products, , multipoint detection and also  beam and aspirating smoke detectors. Richard will also focus on the advantages of exceptional location accuracy, low maintenance solutions and the cost savings that fiber-based systems can offer.

Attendees will discover how fiber optic solutions can:

  • enable swift decision making
  • help to minimise damage
  • avoid catastrophic failure
  • reduce financial, environmental and reputational risk.

Whether your site is in a remote location or a busy inner city, discover how fiber optic solutions enable swift decision making and help to minimise damage, avoid catastrophic failure and to reduce financial, environmental and reputational risk.


Richard Kluth will be bringing his 20 years’ experience in applying monitoring and instrumentation technologies in a wide variety of industries to the talk.

Speaking on this webinar, Richard said:

“This will be a great opportunity to educate potential users on the exciting opportunities that Linear Heat Detection offers. We’re looking forward to sharing the benefits and speaking of our own experiences based on previous projects. We understand how harnessing this technology can greatly improve the safety of users and the public, and we’re keen to tell all.”

FireLaser is Bandweaver’s fiber optic Linear Heat Detector System, specifically designed for use in special hazard fire detection applications.

Using fiber optic cabling, FireLaser determines temperature and distance data at thousands of points along the length of the cable, alerting the user of any changes in temperature, allowing sufficient time to take action.

The FireLaser has unrivalled precision, with the ability to detect the location of one (or multiple) hot spot on 10km  length of fiber optic cable, monitor movement of the hot spot, and identify the exact temperature in real-time.

Read more on the FireLaser here:


About Bandweaver

With an installed base of over 60,000km and 7,500 systems worldwide, Bandweaver’s vision is to be the first choice for integrated distributed fiber optic sensing solutions across the globe. Since 2002, Bandweaver has been committed to delivering reliable, innovative, client-centric, and value-added products and services, via a dedicated and talented team of people.

Bandweaver manufactures and distributes advanced fiber optic monitoring sensors and integrated technologies, enabling customers to monitor, secure and keep personnel and critical assets safe.

Bandweaver’s solutions have been utilised for multiple applications, including road and rail tunnels and spurs as well as facility buildings, power infrastructure, escalators, and stations.

Utilising the latest technologies, Bandweaver provides solutions for Security, Fire, Power, and Pipelines.

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