Sarah Phillips

Bandweaver is pleased to announce that our market leading FireLaser Linear Heat Detection DTS solution has been selected for several new projects in the Middle East protecting road and rail tunnels. The Middle East continues to be an area of significant growth for the company due to continued regional infrastructure investment.

Bandweaver VP, Mark Horton commented: “FireLaser has an impressive track record across the globe and is able to detect fires up to six times faster than competing systems. With multiple smart alarm configurations these project awards underlines Bandweaver’s position of market leader for transportation infrastructure protection.”

About FireLaser

FireLaser is a Linear Heat Detector System specifically designed for use in Special Hazard fire detection applications.

The FireLaser Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) system connects to a distributed fiber optic cable (FireFiber). It determines temperature and distance data at thousands of points along the length of the cable. The fiber optic cable is installed within the asset to be protected and this cable acts as the sensing element. The FireLaser Sensor Control Unit is responsible for generating alarms based upon the calculated temperature profile. The FireLaser DTS can therefore detect the location of a hot spot on up to a 5km length of fiber optic cable with unrivaled precision. The system is able to monitor the movement of the hot spot, or multiple hot spots, in terms of physical position, temperature and also in real-time. FireLaser Distributed Temperature Sensing Technology provides a line type heat detector solution vastly superior to conventional copper based or multipoint heat detector.

  • Highly reliable embedded system technology
  • Cost effective solution
  • Network Scalable for distributed architectures
  • Sensor Cable suitable for use in hazardous areas
  • Circuit lengths up to 5000 m
  • Multiple hotspot location to within 1m
  • Intelligent Alarm Algorithms
  • Relay and Modbus interface options