Sarah Phillips

Bandweaver Technologies is proud to release the latest iteration of its popular Horizon controller, providing a single cable solution capable of simultaneous above and below ground detection.

Horizon is a sophisticated Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) solution, which forms a key part of Bandweaver’s fiber optic perimeter monitoring and intrusion detection portfolio. This year, a new version of the solution has been launched, which is set to be a game changer for the industry. The Horizon DAS system can now operate in fence/wall mounted and buried scenarios using the same channel. This means there is no need to purchase multiple units or run separate cables to cover each application, enabling large cost savings.

A full launch will take place in September when Bandweaver will deliver a webinar to highlight the benefits of the solution to a live, virtual audience. Click here to find out more.

This latest innovation has been developed to meet a market-driven demand for value-engineered solutions alongside the need to reduce the cost of infrastructure and speed up deployment. With an ongoing commitment to providing solutions that satisfy the current and future needs of its customer base, Bandweaver worked alongside many of its key partners to ensure the solution delivered on both functionality and cost.

This combined mounted and buried functionality is particularly beneficial for those sites that need to maximise the effectiveness of current infrastructure, whilst at the same time improving redundancy and resilience. Without any modification required in the field, Bandweaver’s Horizon controller can easily meet these requirements, offering complete coverage along the entire length of one cable, regardless of the environment or terrain. With the combination of both above and below ground detection, the solution can now monitor buried cables and wall/fence mounted cables simultaneously along the same length of fiber optic cable.

The Horizon controller is already a market-leading solution, deployed on numerous sites around the world offering high performance intrusion detection. It is simple to install and offers high rates of detection alongside minimal nuisance alarms. The controller can operate as a two-channel system, which can simultaneously and continuously monitor two 50km fiber optic sensing cables. This capability provides coverage up to 100km or offers cut resilience when installed in a loop configuration.

The system can also be used alongside Bandweaver’s versatile software platform – MaxView, providing users with complete visibility of their system at all times. Bandweaver’s extensive library of event classification assures that a wide variety of events can be detected and responded to before any loss or damage occurs. With intelligent zone configuration, users are able to configure and customise sections of their perimeter according to their needs. Used in conjunction with Bandweaver’s MaxView software, Horizon offers a holistic view of site at all times, increasing the operator’s confidence in the accuracy and reliability of the solution.

There are numerous applications for the Horizon controller, particularly in those sectors with diverse environments, such as oil and gas, utilities, and borders. For such applications, operators can monitor both the physical perimeter and the ground immediately inside, offering a dual sensing solution. The latest update is also useful for power station applications when the terrain and environment changes along the perimeter both within the site and on adjoining plots of land. This maximises the utilisation of the cable and reduces infrastructure expenditure.

The solution is available via authorized partners around the globe. For further information, please get in touch with any member of our team who will be pleased to put you in touch with your local representative.