Fiber optic distributed temperature sensing (DTS) and distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) technology is a fundamental and essential tool for condition monitoring for transmission and distribution networks. With an increase in the demand for renewable energy schemes, often off-shore, there are major costs associated with asset management due to the installation and maintenance of subsea cables which is both problematic and very expensive.

The benefits of the use of Distributed Temperature Sensing and Distributed Acoustic Sensing technology has been commented on by the power industry supply chain for many years.

Bandweaver ‘s white paper ‘The Role of Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing in Providing Intelligent Condition Monitoring Solutions for the Transmission and Distribution Network’ discusses the creation of a smart grid and highlights the key advances and applications to date, along with identifying the challenges and opportunities the technology and industry faces today.

Distributed fiber optic sensing systems – review of applications

Applications range from the subsea lines and power cable monitoring to transformers and switchgears to rotating machines, generation plants, overhead transmission cables and much more.

Real Time Thermal Rating

Real Time Thermal Rating (RTTR) systems are another key component of a utility operator’s intelligent condition monitoring solution. This system helps reduce risk, implement smart maintenance programs and increases the efficiency of the load management system.

How does Distributed Acoustic Sensing work

DAS is able to create a distributed acoustic (or vibration) measurement along the entire length of the fiber, effectively turning the telecoms cable into a continuous series of microphones. When used in conjunction with a proactive maintenance approach, DAS and DTS sensing systems provide the operator with real time critical information on their network.

About Bandweaver

Bandweaver has been providing advanced fiber optic monitoring sensors and integrated technologies since 2002. Our technology portfolio covers a wide range of sensors including DTS and DAS Sensors and integrated smart intelligent software solutions. Within the Power and Utilities sectors, Bandweaver’s distributed fiber optic acoustic and temperature sensing systems provide the operator with real time critical information on their network. This assists in reducing planned and unplanned maintenance and avoiding catastrophic failure along with managing risk effectively.

As role of Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing continues to grow and expand it will provide ever more intelligent condition monitoring solutions for the Transmission and Distribution Network – resulting in a truly smart grid.

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